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Blocked Drain Specialists

Stop worrying so much about a sewer clog and contact a certified plumber as soon as possible. At Plumber Lane Cove, we make all of your plumbing woes disappear in an instant. Our Blocked Drain Specialists are well-equipped and highly trained to handle all types of blocked drains.

What are the major causes of blocked drains?

  • Tree roots are the primary cause of sewer clogs, especially in homes with earthenware pipes
  • Grease and fat can build up on the interior walls of drain pipes creating obstructions
  • Debris such as silt and building materials can accumulate in certain areas of the sewer line leading to blockages
  • Faults in the sewer line can also cause sewer clogs

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Clearing your Blocked Drain

What are some of the drain clearing equipment and supplies used by the Blocked Drain Specialists?

  • Bio-Clean, an environmentally friendly drain cleaning agent
  • High strength acid
  • RootX, a foaming pipeline root control product
  • Electric Eel sewer maintenance machine
  • Hydro-jet cleaning system

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Lane Cove Blocked Drain

Larry was a proud do it yourself plumber. He had had no training but assured his wife that he knew what he was doing.

The couple lived on a battle-axe block and Larry the “Plumber” had decided to put in some drainage before laying pavers in the backyard.

He had gone to a lot of trouble marking out the area that he wanted to run the pipework and then he was smart enough to contact Dial-Before-You-Dig to make sure he didn’t disturb any other utilities in the general area. In all honesty, that’s what happened last time and he hit a gas line that needed an emergency plumber to attend.

Larry hired a small backhoe to help him dig the channel for the drainage pipes. He had been to the local plumbing suppliers and picked up all the pipes and fittings that he thought needed. He spent the next few weekends digging then laying pipe for the drainage from his backyard into the storm water pit located in the shared driveway.

His wife was rather surprised at how he really seemed to know what he was doing. There was one section that he had not counted on and so he improvised with the main connection. He back filled the entire trench coving up his improvisation and set to work laying the pavers.

It wasn’t until about 12 months later that they noticed the courtyard was not draining like it used to and water wasn’t flowing into the stormwater drain like it used to. One time after a heavy downpour Larry called Your Neighbourhood Plumber Lane Cove to investigate the issue.

The Lane Cove Plumber had to remove some of the driveway pavers to discover Larry’s do-it-yourself plumbing. He had made the mistake of fashioning a three way connections from agricultural pipe which allowed tree roots to penetrate the line. Over time the trees roots completely filled the drain living off the storm water run- off. The Lane Cove plumber dug out the agricultural pipe and made a new connection in PVC. This would eliminate tree roots penetrating the line again.

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