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How to Clear Tree Roots That Are Blocking Drains

Everyone wants to grow trees in their backyards. Sometimes, however, trees may prove to be a disadvantage rather than an advantage. Tree roots can block drains, and when they do, they can be very difficult to sort out.


Why Tree Roots Block Drains

It seems like the roots of trees have minds of their own and actively seek out drains. They do, in a way, but they are after the condensation outside the storm drains and sewers. Upon sensing the location of a water source, they will start penetrating the pipes and eventually, the drain gets blocked.


The roots of trees can block drains in two ways. At first, a big root will capture materials that have gone down the drains, like kitchen fat and paper. Once enough materials have been trapped by the root, more wastes will eventually get captured until no waste material can pass the drain anymore, thus clogging it.


A quick fix that a plumber can do involves the use of a hydrojet to unblock the drain. However, this does not prevent the growth of roots. Eventually, the affected pipe becomes heavily damaged and serious leaking will occur.


Clearing Tree Roots That Have Blocked Drains

In many cases, you will not even have the slightest clue that tree roots have blocked your drains. Thus, instead of asking for quick fixes, ask the plumber to fully investigate the drain before clearing it. These days, with new plumbing technology, it can be done easily using a long snake with a camera mounted on its end. It is then fed into the pipe and once the blockage is found, a plumber can then come up with a long-term solution to clear it. Usually, they will recommend the replacement of the pipe, moving the tree somewhere else in your property, or both.


Preventing This Problem from Happening

Fortunately, like all plumbing problems, this can be prevented. Here are a few things that can be done:


  • If your sewer pipes are made of clay, have them replaced with PVC pipes, which are more resistant to tree roots than clay pipes.
  • You can also have your sewer pipes relined if you do not want to spend a huge amount of money on pipe replacement.
  • Want to have trees in your property? Consult an arborist first. While some tree species can be planted within your property, others must be avoided at all costs.



Tree roots may be a tough challenge to face. But as long as you hire a highly-reputed plumbing company, they will get sorted out in a breeze and without the need to spend more money for any additional repairs.