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Plumbing Emergency in Lane Cove

Blake was sitting at the kitchen table doing his weekly Tafe assignment with his trusty laptop by his side. He kept working through the afternoon as he really wanted to get this module finished at is it seemed to be dragging on forever.

He walked over to the sink to refill his glass of water and turned on the tap. Suddenly the tap handle flew upwards out of his grasp and water sprayed from the broken kitchen tap like a geyser all over the parquetry floor. Fighting the water spraying from the broken tap he tried in vain to replace the handle and turn the tap off. Water was now pooling on the floor so he grabbed his Tafe notes and laptop and ran out of the kitchen.

He quickly searched on his laptop for an Emergency Plumber in Lane Cove. He came across Your Neighborhood

Plumber Lane Cove who had a good website that said they can do emergency plumbing 24/7 in Lane Cove.

Blake called the plumber and he was able to instruct Blake how to shut off water at the main to stop the kitchen from getting more damaged. Blake was able to shut off the water and as the plumber advised and tried to mop up as much water as he could to limit damage done to the flooring.

When the Lane Cove Plumber arrived, he replaced both of the kitchen taps just in case this situation happened with the hot tap as well as it was the same age as the broken cold water tap. The Emergency Plumber was very informative and helped Blake to mop up as much water as possible from the floor.

Blake eventually returned to his Tafe work and finished his assignment on time. He also stuck a Lane Cove Plumber business card on the Tafe noticeboard as he was so happy with the Emergency Service that he was provided.

For Emergency Service you can rely on, call your local Lane Cove Plumber today on 0488 886 302.

6 Primary Causes of Septic Tank Failure

Septic tank sometimes fails and when they do, there are various unpleasant rare conditions that will happen. An example of this is when you find it hard to flush your toilet or a stench smell is lingering around your home. These are the problems we would soon encounter especially when we are very negligent and…

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5 Confirmatory Signs of Pipe Damage

One of the most common and frustrating problem that a homeowner can face with a plumbing or sewage system is damage due to blockage. There is no telling how many homeowner burns the telephone lines of their local plumbing service provider in order to acquire services to fix the problem. This plumbing emergency is as…

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4 Types of Wastewater Treatment Systems

Wastewater refers to any kinds of water that have been dirtied and polluted by human functions or activities and/or for industrial means. This usually includes the water in your sewers, the rainwater that has come in contact with the streets or alleys, and water that was used in industrial areas.   The wastewater is said…

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4 Temporary Solutions for Pipe Bursts/Leaks

You should immediately locate the main shutoff valve and turn it off if ever a pipe bursts occur. This will prevent the pipes from leaking unlimited water supply. You should also call the nearest plumbing services in your location after turning the valve off. There is still water leakage while you’re waiting for the plumber…

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3 Common Causes of Running Toilets and Their Cures

How would you feel if you come home from a tiring day at work and find out that your toilet is running? Exactly. Nothing beats the nuisance of a running toilet. The high water bill, flooded bathroom floors, gallons of wasted water and that annoying rushing sound of water that keeps you up at night.…

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5 Effective Tips To Avoid Flood In The Basement

Everybody is up for an extensive basement cleaning if it’s affected by a flood. Apparently, it’s frustrating to spend money just to turn the room into a luxurious one only to be damaged because of the flood water. Regardless of the stuff in it, it still needs to be clean and dehumidify to avert mould…

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9 Components of a Water Softening System

To better understand how a water softener system works, you first have to know its vital components. The things that make up a water softener have individual responsibilities in regenerating your hard water supplies. To further understand the components’ individual uses, here are 9 things that make up the water softener system.   Main Components:…

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3 Helpful Tips for DIY Home Plumbing

Everything would be impossible without the help of our plumbing system. We wouldn’t be enjoying our clean water during baths and cooking without the help of our pipe system that transports them in the household or it wouldn’t be easy for us to heat water without our water heater system. To keep this, it’s best to do a…

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5 Golden Rules for Hiring a Plumber

Even if we admit it or not, some people are better at their jobs than others. Choosing the right plumber to handle your plumbing needs goes a long way. There are certain qualifications that you should look for in a plumber to be sure that your plumbing system is in good hands. Sometimes, the dangers…

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Seasonal Plumbing 101: Winterising Outdoor Plumbing

Each winter, a homeowner is faced with a multitude of problems caused by the altered temperature. It is important that there should be attention paid so that the plumbing system is given what it truly needs during this time. Also, in doing this, you can be sure your plumbing is completely catered to. As the…

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6 Effective Plumbing Maintenance Tips for the Winter Season

Winter does not only bring cold temperature to your place, it brings trouble to your plumbing system as well. Destruction of plumbing facilities would invite costly repairs and even brand new replacements. In order to avoid plumbing issues, such as pipe leaks, broken or cracked pipes and glacial early morning bath, make sure to prepare your plumbing facilities…

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7 Essential Power Tools to Make the Job Super Easy

It is only right that a homeowner will invest in the simplest and most basic tools to get the minor plumbing problems fixed as soon as they make an appearance. There are also homeowners who invest in power tools in place of hand tools to get the DIY solution well underway at the soonest. It…

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4 Precautionary Techniques to Avoid Water Damage

Water, being one of the most essential things in our lives, is used every day for drinking, cleaning, cooking, planting and many other water-using activities. Yet when they are damaged and contaminated, they are no longer available for intake and kitchen use as they pose great threats to our health. Aside from that, it will…

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How Much Can You Save With Sustainable Plumbing

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7 Vital Steps to Restore Dripping Taps

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5 Main Types of Water Storage Tanks

Storage tanks are not only designed to store water and gases, it can also store organic liquids, vapours and inorganic liquids for commercial and industrial use. They come in different shapes, sizes and materials depending on what they store. Ruptures are apparently inevitable that is why most tanks are installed within a containment basin which…

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What Does a Plumber Do?

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3 Major Mistakes Homeowners Do with Their Plumbing Systems

People make mistakes from time to time and they either do it consciously or unconsciously. But it doesn’t matter because a mistake will always be a mistake. You will have to face the impending consequences later on and there’s no stopping that. This is likewise to most homeowners as we commit mistakes that we aren’t…

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4 Easy Solutions for Pipe Leakage

As the time goes by, problems occur without a moment’s notice. A simple problem, when not addressed immediately, can turn into an awful lot of mess. This is just like a leak in the pipes. A tiny leak, when ignored, can still flood your entire home as it gathers up over time. That is why…

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9 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Plumber

Most households would prefer to fix some plumbing problem on their own. However, repairing without proper training could result to a huge plumbing issue since it worsens the problem. If I were you, I’d better call for help and hire a professional to do the job. Here are the reasons why you should hire a…

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Hard Water vs. Soft Water

As they say, water is not created equal. There are two kinds of water which are the soft water and the hard water. They have different importance and functions. Hard water is not better compared to soft water and soft water is also not the best option or choice. Now, let’s get to know more…

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5 Green Living Key Points in Plumbing

The environmental and natural conditions have raised flags of awareness in more ways than one. More and more homeowners are taking steps in helping to remedy the alarming situation whichever ways they can. Plumbing is not an exception. In an attempt to make renewable energy sources useful, water conservation took form in countless measures observed…

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Top 10 Common Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing emergencies arise once unnecessary actions are done. It may also occur due to excessive and improper usage. Some emergencies should not be ignored and would need an immediate action to avoid severe damages in terms of property and money. These issues could be time consuming, annoying and costly to most home owners. Here are…

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4 Steps to Remove Rust from Pipes

When metal plumbing is exposed to damp atmosphere, it is inevitable that they develop rust. As it covers the body of the pipe, the reddish-brown spotting eat through ferrous metals such as iron and steel. As a pipe accumulates rust, its effectivity diminishes. It is only a matter of time before the pipe gets replaced…

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The Importance of Hiring a Licensed Plumber

Do-it-Yourself (DIY) hacks are rampantly used to cut costs at home and skimp on employing expensive experts. Indeed, there are plumbing issues that require no professional expertise and can be effectively performed by home-owners. However, major plumbing problems critically need the experience and high-quality workmanship of licensed plumbers. You may have to disregard your ambitious…

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Brilliant Hacks to Solve 6 Common Plumbing Nightmares

Plumbing issues are one of the inevitable household nightmares that are very frustrating to repair. However, you can be saved from the disruption and if you know the basic how-to’s and essential tools for plumbing emergencies. The following are some of the must-know and efficient plumbing hacks: 1. Slow or Clogged Drains The water slowly…

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5 Major Benefits of Installing a Water Softener

Why do I need to soften my water? You may have been asking yourself this question for a couple of times already. You’re quite unsure whether you should do so or not. If you notice annoying white spots and scales on your eating utensils, dishes, glass wares and even on your clothes, these are the…

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7 Major Parts of a Toilet Tank

Every part of our toilet tank plays a significant role. When one of its parts does not function well, it can affect the entire system. So when this situation happens, make sure that you know the entire parts of the toilet tank as well as its functions. Since we understand that toilet jargon is not…

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5 Quick Steps to Fix a Running Toilet

Toilet mechanisms haven’t been altered for the last 80 years. After flushing, water fills the tank, lifting the float to shut off the water supply after reaching the required level. A lever opens the flapper to flush the toilet, falling back to its place when the water drops. That is why it is no surprise…

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3 Ways to Prevent Damaged Plumbing Seals

An excellent plumbing system won’t function properly if the connections, pipes, and linings aren’t secured by tight seals. Without the gaskets, nuts, and other important equipment, the plumbing structure will definitely fail. This is why these plumbing components should be well maintained in a good state to avert any complications. Listed below are some ways…

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Different Kinds of Piping Materials for your Plumbing Fixtures

When installing new pipes into your plumbing system it’s important to know that the materials the pipes are composed of can greatly affect the plumbing fixture and linings. The effectiveness of the plumbing system can be compromised if the pipe materials are not suitable for the plumbing fixtures. For example: one type of pipe can…

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3 Easy Tips & Tricks to keep your Plumbing Happy & Healthy:

It’s easy to forget just how much modern plumbing enriches our lives. It’s something we use everyday without a second thought. But let’s stop and think for a moment. Washing our hands has drastically boosted personal hygiene and health. Mechanically cleaning our clothes and dishes saves us a colossal amount of time and effort. And…

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Removing Rusted Overflow Drain Screws Properly

When filling up the bathtub with water, you can leave the tap running without having to worry about the bathroom getting flooded, all thanks to the overflow drain located near the top of the tub. This drain is connected with the sewer system and drains off all excess water that reaches it. Like all drains,…

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How to Clear Tree Roots That Are Blocking Drains

Everyone wants to grow trees in their backyards. Sometimes, however, trees may prove to be a disadvantage rather than an advantage. Tree roots can block drains, and when they do, they can be very difficult to sort out.   Why Tree Roots Block Drains It seems like the roots of trees have minds of their…

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Strata Plumbing

As a piece of strata plumbing organization the property supervisor need to act as the accomplice of the holder to perform splendidly on all the conceivable ranges of their practicality. The strata property organization gives best administrations by keeping eye on customer’s enthusiasm as the prime centering territory. The administrator cares for the property, keeps…

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Building The Right Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

As a property owner, keeping up along with home maintenance can occasionally feel like a complete-time job. There are numerous things that need to be done to a property in order to ensure its smooth running. Plumbing happens to be one of these many things that need your attention throughout the year. Keeping a plumbing…

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Choose a Plumbing Repair Company

  If you do not have proper plumbing at your home, then you may have the problems of dampness and leakage in your home. That is why, it is recommended that you should choose a plumbing repair company wisely and these tips may help you in it.   Check the experience: In order to find…

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Plumbing Design

Much the same as pressure driven designs, plumbing design likewise oblige accuracy and exactness. Imagine if the channels are introduced by mix-up. Take for instance a basic case in a restroom, there’s nothing more irritating in a washroom shower than feeble weight. On the other hand consider the possibility that there is a spillage in…

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Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning Video Inspection

Assuming that you’ve been behind on the diverse mechanical developments in the matter of channel cleaning then you must become aware of utilizing CCTV or shut circuit TV regarding channel assessment. In light of the way that it could give you a reasonable picture of the channels inside, you might have the capacity to recognize…

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What to Do With A Leaky Pipe

In the same manner as other various things, plumbing funnels split when it is commonly undesirable. Often throughout extraordinary cool, when it’s almost difficult to acquire assistance since that’s the time when plumbers are most busy. The good news is, huge numbers of these spillages could possibly be fixed with do-it-without anyone’s help strategies, either quickly or for a long time.

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Tips and Tricks for Domestic Plumbing

A property owner could possibly be concerned about either current plumbing issues that he or she is currently going through, or the problems that are more likely to happen later. This article talks about the most useful domestic plumbing guidelines that could save someone from having to call a plumber.

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Difference Between Routine and Emergency Plumbing Services

The particular problems in your water system certainly are a typical problem for anyone. Generally it takes place when you least anticipate it. The particular problems in your water system systems might be for example leaks, solid waste problems, blocks and much more.

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