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Hot Water in Lane Cove

Rose had been on holidays in Bali enjoying her time sipping cocktails on the beach watching the sunset every night.

She had met a nice local guy who was happy to spend time showing her the local attractions and she wished that her holiday would never end.

On the last day she spent more time with her new friend, she was careful to slip, slop, slap as she was mindful of the tropical sun burning her fair skin. The two chatted for hours and he had organised a horse ride along the sun drenched beach for her last day I paradise.

Rose busied herself packing her bags so she could share a farewell drink before leaving. She met Kadek in the bar and the two shared a final drink before she had to catch the shuttle to the airport. Kadek gave Rose a sweet little friendship bracelet that she could take home with her to remind her of her time in Bali.

As luck would have it the plane was delayed due to some technical fault and the passengers were left waiting for what had seemed like an eternity. The six and a half hour flight seemed much longer. Rose was very tired as she checked her luggage through customs and was relieved when the items she declared were all passed as OK to bring home.

Her friend Beth was still able to pick her up from the airport even though the flight was delayed so she was grateful for that. Now all she wanted was to have a hot shower and get some sleep. “How did you enjoy your trip?” “Oh Beth I met the most amazing guy, he was so friendly and he showed me around the island and even organised a horse ride along the beach.” “Wow, sounds like you have had a great time.” Beth said. “It is going to be hard to get back to work and my normal routine that’s for sure!”

Once home Rose gave Beth a beautiful dress she had bought for her. Beth bid Rose farewell and Rose went to have a shower. The water from the shower was lukewarm at best. She didn’t enjoy the shower at all. She was looking forward to a really hot shower to relax her before catching up on some sleep.

She grumbled as she looked online to find a plumber that could come and check the hot water tank. She was able to find a Lane Cove Plumber. She found Your Neighborhood Plumber Lane Cove to look at the hot water. As she was too tired to bother today she booked the plumber for the morning.

Rose was feeling a lot better when the Lane Cove Plumber arrived and showed the plumber the Gas storage HWS was surrounded by leaves and other debris so the plumber investigated the water tank and cleared all of the debris from around the heater. Once cleared the main burner had enough oxygen to work properly and the plumber also replaced the anode so the tank would be good for years to come.

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