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Back then, the traditional way to repair sewer plumbing systems was by digging trenches, removing the damaged pipes, and replacing it with new ones. As effective as this method might have been (especially if the pipes are extensively damaged), it’s nevertheless capable of creating quite a huge mess, disrupting homes and workplaces in the process. Thankfully, we now have pipe relining as an alternative!

What is Pipe Relining?

Trenchless pipe relining is the method wherein pipes or pipe systems gets fixed without the need to dig it up first. It employs many innovative techniques, including CIPP instalments, spot repairs, patching, and no-dig technologies, making this pipe-rehabilitation method a better way to repair plumbing in commercial and industrial areas.

How Pipe Relining is Done?

Basically, pipe relining is done in four steps:

    1. Damage Assessment. This is done by putting CCTV cameras down the drain, allowing plumbers to have a full view of the pipe system as well as review and ascertain whether or not it’s suitable for the method.

    2. Drain Cleanup. Once it’s been determined that relining is plausible on the pipe system, it would then be subjected to major clean-up, which involves a high-pressure water jetting machine to remove any debris or slime clinging on the pipes.

    3. Installing the CIPP liners. Cured-in-place pipe liners made from polyester or fibreglass would then be saturated in resin before being inversely pulled into the damaged pipe, which is usually done from the manhole or excavation point. It’s also possible to start from a downstream access point, although this entails a lot of risks.

    4. Curing the Resin. Once the damaged pipes are entirely lined with CIPP’s, the resin would then be cured using hot water or steam. This keeps the CIPP liners in place, thus “patching up” the damage pipes and restoring its former capabilities if not improving it.

Why Pipe Relining is Better?

Pipe relining presents several advantages the traditional method can’t, including:

    It’s cheaper. Because it basically requires no digging, pipe relining allows us to save a significant amount of time and money. Digging trenches can be quite pricey, and you’ll also have to allot budget for restoring private and public properties.

    It’s faster. Thanks to the new technologies it employs, pipe relining can be done in a matter of hours. In contrast, the traditional method of digging trenches and replacing pipes can take days or even weeks – and that doesn’t include the time needed to restore the area back to the way it was!

    It improves plumbing. Relining pipes instead of replacing them not only solves the problem, but it also makes the pipe system more durable and long-lasting. This improvement is due to the materials used on the pipes such as silicate, epoxy, polyester, and vinyl ester, all of which are significantly stronger than the standard issue PVC.

Trenchless pipe relining has revolutionized the way we fix commercial and residential sewage and plumbing systems. Quicker and cheaper than the traditional dig-and-replace method, it’s certainly a more practical way of rehabilitating damaged pipes. Call us now on 0488 886 302.

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